The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Estate Planning

At Sendak • Stamper • Kacmarik, An Association of Independent Law Practices, we believe that legal steps are necessary when it comes to having a say in the distribution of your assets.

Estate Planning And Trusts

Estate planning is a legal process not exclusive to the elderly. Adults throughout Indiana of any age should consider having documents in place that express their wishes when they are no longer able to.

The help of an attorney guiding you through the estate planning process makes a difference. Peggy Jo Stamper takes the time to get to know you and your objectives as it relates to where you want your assets to go. With a commitment to a collaborative approach, she will create strategies specific to your needs and goals. She will draft the necessary documents, including a will, trust, durable powers of attorney (financial and health care), and other documents.

The importance of estate planning cannot be understated. It gives you a say in the distribution of your assets and ensures that all decisions are made properly and efficiently. Equally important is the protection it provides your loved ones.

Probate And Estate Administration

Probate is often looked at as a process that should be avoided. Having proper estate planning documents in place allows families to sidestep these complex and sometimes contentious legal proceedings.

However, many people die without expressing their wishes through formal legal documents. Our job is to help their loved ones who are already going through traumatic, life-changing times. We take the time to get to know them, their deceased loved one and the overall family dynamic. From there, we provide skilled representation based on years of experience in probate law.


A guardianship involves an individual appointed by the court to make decisions for an individual who is disabled or incapacitated. They can also be established for children with disabilities or without parents.

The guardian has significant responsibilities that involve decisions ranging from health care to finances that involve small amounts of money from Social Security or Veterans Administration benefits. Larger amounts will require the appointment of a conservator. Living situations and other highly personal matters are also under the guardian’s purview.

The courts usually choose a close family member to become a guardian. If no one is considered appropriate or available, they will look to other relatives or close friends. If that search fails to locate a suitable candidate, they can select an attorney with specific training and experience in these matters.

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